Wearable Ultrasound based Healthcare System

Wearable Ultrasound Diagnostic Device

[Conceptual diagram of flexible ultrasonic residual urine volume scanner]

Ultrasonic transducer array Measure the volume of bladder residual urine through an optimized array of ultrasonic transducers on a cross-shaped flexible pad.

Inertial measurement sensor Introduce Inertial sensor to correct the angle of the ultrasonic transducer due to deformation of the flexible pad and to reduce measurement errors depending on the location.

AI Algorithm Develop a system with an accuracy of 90% or more by correcting ultrasonic signal characteristics, residual urine volume estimation, and angle change.

Mobile APP. and Service Platform Build a system that provides intuitive notifications to customers through mobile and periodically send the date to the server in mobile APP., and upgrades to personalized experience-customized services, and provides information to medical institutions in AI applied server.

Residual urine volume measurement
correction/management system

Urine zone match filter

Maximum convolution calculation and weighted value measurement

Measurement of the amount of residual urine in the bladder

Position and posture br measurement data transmission