Multispectral Image based Healthcare System

The human eye perceives an object by combining the three visual nerves of RGB,
but there is a limitation that is inherently difficult to detect.

Currently, most image analysis systems are designed based on such RGB,
and it is difficult to improve the analysis accuracy due to insufficient quantity and quality of information obtained through the image itself.

Multi- and hyper-spectral technology has been developed to obtain
additional information in images beyond the limits of the human visual nerves.
This imaging system can intuitively distinguish
whether or not the human tissue or other objects are abnormal.

  • Current System (RGB based)

    Using only 3 wavelengths(low resolution) -Difficulty in precise analysis of tissue abnormalities based on RGB

  • Multispectral based system

    Using over 10 wavelengths(high resolution) Information-rich images and accurate analysis