Mobile-based Smart Healthcare System using Multispectral Imaging
Analysis for non-face-to-face disease diagnosis

  • Home healthcare

    Home healthcare

    • Infant
      Management of jaundice, atopy, body temperature, etc.
    • Teenager
      Skin trouble management such as acne and pigmentation
    • Adult
      Anti-aging skin care such as wrinkles, pores, skin condition, oil and moisture
  • Medical Equipment

    Medical Equipment

    • Obtained KFDA certification as a medical device for skin disease analysis and skin health management
    • Diagnosis and analysis of skin diseases such as skin cancer/burn/wound analysis, seborrheic /atopic/psoriasis, and redness and pigment deposition in specialized medical institutions
    • Used for oral health care such as checking tooth tone and tooth decay
    • Developing as an in-body diagnostic medical device such as an endoscope in the future
  • Animal Disease Diagnosis

    Animal Disease Diagnosis

    • Diagnosis of skin diseases of various causes such as fungal, atopy, viral bacterial, parasite, etc. of pets and quick prescription according to the disease
    • Applied to diagnosis of eye diseases that are difficult to accurately diagnose with the naked eye such as cataract, glaucoma, uveitis, which are common in dogs.
    • Prevention of secondary infection of human body and providing intuitive results for hospital diagnosis
  • Beauty healthcare

    Beauty healthcare

    • Provides a variety of services through partnerships with domestic and overseas beauty companies based on on/offline based on high-level analysis algorithms of medical device accuracy
    • Depending on the results of the detailed skin diagnosis of the individual, the optimized customized product line of the brand used is selected and the comparison management before and after
    • Providing personalized beauty care services according to preferences and purchase/ management history through continuous visits